I come from a background of seven years experience as a problem solver in the higher education space, and four years as an ethnographic researcher.

I became a UX designer because UX brings my passions in research, design, and problem solving together. As a researcher I loved talking in-depth with people to understand their problems: garment and shoe factory workers in China, for example, and Indian immigrants in Hong Kong. At Boston University CELOP I became known as the tech/design guru as my colleagues went around our internal IT department to seek my expertise. I identified organizational pain points and opportunities and designed solutions for them, such as writing scripts to automate database processes, creating microsites to make information dissemination easier, and conducting survey research to drive service experience improvements.

Outside of work you’ll find me biking around Boston, paddling on the water, and listening to podcasts like How I Built This, Rough Translation, and This American Life.

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