I’m a User Experience designer currently working at Janeiro Digital, where I work to understand complex systems in industries including finance, energy, and logistics, and design solutions that are easy and natural for their users. I bring to bear my extensive experience in research and design to the process—I conduct user interviews, contextual inquiry, and rapid prototyping and testing to ensure we’re solving the right problems, and in less than ideal conditions I rely on UX research studies to guide the process. Either way, it’s always informed by research, and empathy for the user.
In my past (career) life, I worked for four years as an ethnographic researcher, and seven years as a problem solver in the higher education space. As a researcher I interviewed garment factory workers in China, Indian immigrants in Hong Kong, and American students studying abroad. As a problem solver in higher education I conducted research at Boston University to identify organizational pain points to design service and technology solutions.
Outside of work you’ll find me biking around Boston, paddle-boarding on the water, and listening to podcasts like How I Built ThisRough Translation, and This American Life.
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